Race Report: Triple Crown MTB Series - Glendora XC Grind at South Hills Park

I got 4th place today in the Expert Men 34 & under category. The young guys were fast! The racing was intense, the track super fun and the weather felt like summer. It’s always a fun time racing at South Hills Park. The short 3.2 miles course has about 600 ft of climbing per lap and single tracks that make it all worthwhile. We did 5 laps; My time was 1:31:12.

I had a big crash on lap 4 when I was about to lap a racer. There was kind of an A-line on the inside of a steep curve. Narrow & sketchy but, with the rubber side down, it was faster. I missed the entry on that lap and ended up in the bushes. Fortunately I was able to continue and finish. 

The next and last race of the Triple Crown series is in 3 weeks. See the calendar HERE.

Race Report: SoCalCross Prestige Series - Weekend 1

The cyclocross racing season is go!! I wasn’t supposed to race this weekend but cyclocross is too much fun to pass! It’s 45 minutes of hectic racing madness at suffer pace . So I just grabbed my bike in whatever state it was in (worn out slicks lol) and took it to the race. That course was fast; I did the whole race on the big chainring. Even the obstacles could be cleared at Mach 1000. I have no idea what was my result though, I’ll look that up. We had a good run for a while in the ‘chase group’ trying to close the gap with the leaders. But I paced down toward the end and just held the position and ended up lapped. Oops! These are pictures I took of the Men’s A race - super serious racing as you can see  haha

Race Report: Kamikaze Bike Games Enduro

I did my first ‘Enduro’ race at the Kamikaze Bike Games and won the silver medal in my category! It was a new discipline for me so I entered in the Beginner Men 19+. I didn’t know what to expect and I knew I wouldn’t have time to practice the course; I was focused on my XC race the day before. For those wondering, “Enduro” is a relatively new discipline in mountain biking that’s currently all the rage. The races are all sold-out here in California. It’s very similar to downhill mountain biking, but the race format resemble rally racing with multiple timed stages, mostly downhill, linked together by un-timed transition stages, which include some climbing, chair lifts and, in this case, hiking your bike up 20% grade ski slopes!! I finished the first timed stage in 2nd place, got 3rd at the second stage and won the last for a total of 37:46.38 timed. Not bad! I beat more than half of all the registered racers, 142nd / 320 overall. I thought I was going to be too tired to pedal, but turns out as soon as I was on course the adrenaline took over and I sent it as hard as I could. So much fun! That Bronson will race again for sure