Race Report: SoCalCross Prestige Series - Weekend 1

The cyclocross racing season is go!! I wasn’t supposed to race this weekend but cyclocross is too much fun to pass! It’s 45 minutes of hectic racing madness at suffer pace . So I just grabbed my bike in whatever state it was in (worn out slicks lol) and took it to the race. That course was fast; I did the whole race on the big chainring. Even the obstacles could be cleared at Mach 1000. I have no idea what was my result though, I’ll look that up. We had a good run for a while in the ‘chase group’ trying to close the gap with the leaders. But I paced down toward the end and just held the position and ended up lapped. Oops! These are pictures I took of the Men’s A race - super serious racing as you can see  haha

Race Report: Kamikaze Bike Games Enduro

I did my first ‘Enduro’ race at the Kamikaze Bike Games and won the silver medal in my category! It was a new discipline for me so I entered in the Beginner Men 19+. I didn’t know what to expect and I knew I wouldn’t have time to practice the course; I was focused on my XC race the day before. For those wondering, “Enduro” is a relatively new discipline in mountain biking that’s currently all the rage. The races are all sold-out here in California. It’s very similar to downhill mountain biking, but the race format resemble rally racing with multiple timed stages, mostly downhill, linked together by un-timed transition stages, which include some climbing, chair lifts and, in this case, hiking your bike up 20% grade ski slopes!! I finished the first timed stage in 2nd place, got 3rd at the second stage and won the last for a total of 37:46.38 timed. Not bad! I beat more than half of all the registered racers, 142nd / 320 overall. I thought I was going to be too tired to pedal, but turns out as soon as I was on course the adrenaline took over and I sent it as hard as I could. So much fun! That Bronson will race again for sure 

Race Report: Pro XC at the Mammoth Kamikaze Bike Games

My best race of the year!! I raced really good that day. Everything felt into place: The bike, the fitness, the mental. I finished 8th in 2:06:33 and we had wheel-to-wheel battles from start to finish. The altitude was a big factor as we raced at 9500ft (That’s higher than the top of Whistler at 7160ft !!). I’m usually acclimating more easily than anyone, but this time I really felt the thin air on the second lap; My head was getting trippy. But it all came back to normal on the way down as the course was so much fun to ride! Most fun I’ve had racing this year. Mammoth

XC Course Preview - Mammoth Kamikaze Bike Games 2014

Last week I had the opportunity to pre-ride the XC course for the upcoming Kamikaze Bike Games at Mammoth Mountain. I rode with Gabe Taylor who designed a brand new track this year. He told me he wanted to make it BIG with all sorts of fun features incorporated. And that’s what I witnessed: a 13 miles loop with 1500ft of climbing, engaging single tracks, ‘flow trail’ downhill segments, perfect berms, table top jumps, ramps and wall rides (yes plural!). Now, before anyone gets a death-grip reading this, let me say that everything was easily roll-able (no mandatory air or drops). In fact, it’s actually an easier course than last year if you just roll everything. But if you can gap the table tops, if you keep the flow going by chaining the berms and if you hit that first wall ride (the second one is just for the show), then for sure you’ll be rewarded on the clock. And no matter what, your smile won’t wear out for days. It was so much fun, I think we’ll all want to ride it again after our race.

The XC race is Saturday September 20th. Make sure you register HERE.

You can check out the course map on Strava HERE. Gabe did a great job of stringing the best segments Mammoth has to offer. One very cool segment not shown in the video is the Shotgun trail, which was part of the course last year. You can see me riding it the next day in this video HERE.

Can’t wait. Who’s coming?